All on 4 dental solution is the ultimate solution to rebuild your dental health when you have no teeth in your upper and lower jaw. You may ask the question how does it help?

All-on-4 implant technique is a revolutionary dental surgical approach that has been pioneered for patients who for unfortunate circumstances have lost all their upper or lower (or both) teeth .

The All-on-4 solution works by placing 4 titanium implants in the jaw within precise locations that will support a fixed full bridge to provide a stable, durable permanent fixed solution, which will act and look like any natural teeth. This solution is also perfect for patients who lack bone mass or even have virtually no bone.

All on 4 Benefits

You will benefit from All-on-4 solution if you are a patient who has severe gum disease and bone recession or generally fed up wearing removable dentures that is constantly failing and moving around.

The major advantage is that you do not require bone transplant, which also helps reduces the time the All-on-4 system is finally fitted.

Other benefits:

  • Fewer implants, Cost and time saving
  • Placement of fixed teeth provides immediate functionality and aesthetics after surgery
  • Less painful procedure
  • Ability to provide solution for complex dental cases that had no solution available before