Your first step to a healthy smile :)

All dental treatments are carried out by experienced and highly qualified dentists using state of the art facilities, the highest quality materials and the very latest proven internationally adopted techniques in clinical and cosmetic dentistry. The dentists working at the clinic has gained dental qualifications that are accepted as equivalent or even higher to their foreign trained counterparts.

At your initial visit to the our dental clinic you will be introduced to your dental doctor who will need to do a thorough oral examination combined with an assessment of you general health and medical history. The oral examination is vital in allowing us to create our detailed pre-treatment records and identify any underlying dental health problems should they be present.

The dental consultation will consist, as appropriate, of:

  • Verbal Communication
  • Visual Examination
  • Panoramic X-rays
  • Gum health measurements

The results of our initial examinations provides the basis for a detailed discussion of your personal requirements and expectations so that your dentist can give you the best possible advice about your treatment needs, updated costs if different from the estimate or quote that has been presented to you prior to coming to our dental clinic and recommendations for post treatment aftercare.